The difference between me and the pope

So, if you go into a job interview and you’re asked about your weaknesses you’re supposed to answer in the positive.  For example, “My wife tells me I work way too much,” or, “I’ve been told I’m terribly Type A, so I always make sure everything is done perfectly.”  I think employers are savvy to this approach and it is likely met with rolled eyes and sighs of interviewer exhaustion. 

And now…here comes the pope.  I’m not sure if he was asked if he sinned, but I sort of take this story as Francis saying in an interview, “Hey, I’m the new, cool, liberal pope.  I’m so cool, I’ve even sinned!”  As we lean in to hear what the great pontiff may have done, what is his answer? That he stole something! Que in cheers from all of us sinners out here that Pope Francis went against the 2nd Commandment. (Or is it the 3rd? I don’t even remember.)

But then he sounds like the over achieving Type A, just graduated with a degree in political science interviewee.  “My weakness is that I’m so concerned about sinning, I stole something to remind me not to sin. And all my cardinal friends say I’m so much like Jesus himself, I make them feel bad. Yeah, I’m not perfect.”  Silly Francis, this is the best you could do?

Francis stole a cross, from a dead guy, which does seem super creepy and like a pretty darn big sin. But he stole it because the priest was someone with whom he had confessed his own sins. (His real sins, like the ones that really do make him look bad).  He carries the cross now to remind himself to be merciful. His big sin is that he’s so obsessed with not sinning, he stole a holier man’s cross to remind him not to sin.  

You don’t have me fooled, Francis the pope.  Just because your worst sin is stealing as a reminder not to steal, doesn’t mean I’m buying your job interview answers.  I hear you may not believe in Adam and Eve….and that you may or may not be for gay marriage. Now we’re talking sins!  Blasphemy!

My similar-to-the-pope-sin is stealing these from the grocery store when I was little.


These three-flavored bites of goodness were so delicious.  I’m going to run out and get some right now (and pay for them).  I stole these more than once, and the last time I did it, I’m sure I already had my “first confession” and maybe even my “20th confession” and no I don’t think I confessed it, and no, I didn’t steal them so I could hold one in my pocket and be reminded of mercy every time I got close to sinning.  Nope, I ate them, and finished them before I even left the store.  

And in my last job interview I said my worst quality was that I’m a cynic, especially when it comes to things like popes, and confession. The truth is, I like this Francis guy, even if he is a cross thief. (Maybe especially because he’s a cross thief).



One thought on “The difference between me and the pope

  1. I never even knew you liked these let alone that you stole them several times. And you never went to confession 20 times in your life. I think you should say 3 Hail Mary’s and 3 Our Father’s for your penance. You never were a good Catholic. But I love you anyway. LOL

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