Proposition, Preposition


Ah, grammar jokes.  Quirky, nerdy, and fun.

This one has me thinking not only about language, but about, oh my gosh…sex scenes!  I have joked with my friends that when I wrote “Light in Darkest Days” I was hesitant, not about the sex scene itself, or the need to include the scene, but the actual word choice.  Writing things like “entered,” “orgasm,” or “came” was so difficult.  It is just as difficult to write it here, and I hardly consider myself a prude.

The hardest one (no pun intended) was writing from a man’s perspective and having to mention his penis.  I’d ask men, “what do you call it?”  The answers I got didn’t make it any easier.

So, how do we write sex scenes, when we’re not writing erotica a romance novel?  How do we incorporate intimacy and sexuality between characters tastefully but with the detail and description we put into other parts of our story?  What do we call body parts?  Help?


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