Bah Humbug?


The house is on the market and I not only didn’t do a book tree this year, I also purged my bookshelves of lots of books. Having my house look uncluttered and like a display home has been less than joyous. Anyone that knows me will tell you I can be a bit of a Scrooge (don’t even ask my mother about this), but even I miss the decking of the halls this year. While I gave up traditional trees a while back I have been known to decorate a pop up tent in the living room. What’s better than laying in a lit up tent and having it filled with toys on Christmas morning? (Go ahead and ask my kids about this).

I went to a party this weekend with trees in every room and carols playing from a vinyl record player next to the fireplace. It made me resolute about one thing. Next year, hopefully in the new house, there will be Christmas oozing from every darn corner and books everywhere, even if they look cluttered.


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