Birch Trees

While I’ve been working on the newest novel, not yet named, and “Light in Darkest Days” is with the publisher for fine tuning, there is still this gem out there, Birch Trees at the Old House.

While I wish it was written from a place like this:


most of it was written from an attic office during my years in law school, and while studying for the bar.  I still think I would have aced that damn test if not for my muse whispering these poems to me all day long.  Somehow these writings actually got me through the lonely and discouraging process of studying and then studying some more.  I continued to write poetry after these were compiled, and there is another short book of poems just not quite yet born yet.  I am happy to re-introduce this bit of writing to the world.  I invite you to read it and tell me what you think.


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