I stayed home sick from work today.  After a four hour nap, chicken noodle soup, and 3 cups of lemon tea with honey, I thought I felt well enough to write.  Despite saying my little prayer to my muse, I only got down about 6 paragraphs.  While “Light in Darkest Days” is in the editing, copyright review stage, the next project is a story I’m anxious to get down into words.  It will be a long time if all I can get is 6 paragraphs at a time.

Instead of writing more, I read about Nelson Mandela, checked out all the elves on shelves on my friend’s Facebook pages (what the heck is that thing, anyway?), and even played some weird “save the pets” game after failing at level 102 of candy crush saga.  Resistance, folks, at its best.

But as my dearest supporter, John says, “well, you got 6 paragraphs done, that’s good, right honey?’  Glass.  Half.  Full. Despite the damn internet.


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